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We are a creative lab.

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Our experience shows that each customer has different requirements regarding the products on which they will put their own brand. That is why we accompany you at every step of the creation of your new Privat label product. 

We will gladly develop a new recipe for you. We put all our experience and passion into creating new fascinating flavors. 



Product requirements

We discuss and choose together the main ingredients, define the profile of nutritional values, consumption benefits and tastes.



Product development ends with the production of a prototype that comes as close as possible to serial production.


Production of packaging

We work with printers who will produce your packaging.


Product development

Implementation of your ideas and requirements, testing different versions of the product until reaching the best taste.


Technical specification and packaging template

In addition to a prototype, you will receive a technical specification that describes all parameters of the final product - ingredients, nutritional values, microbiological parameters, labeling requirements, storage conditions. We will also provide you with packaging templates on which your designer will create your branded packaging.



After we go through the process of creating your Private label product together, we go for serial production on our fully automated production line. 

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